(Sent to the Times Colonist newspaper, due its editorial in October 2014 that left a gap.)

I am pleased that you realize we are not safe here in the face of terrorist warriors of Islamic Totalitarianism, and their puppets and wannabes.

Of course we have not been safe for many decades – sources and probable targets were well known long before the attacks of September11, 2001 – one was quite close to Canada, it killed many Canadians working in the World Trade Center towers. (I’ve listed the many warning signs in

The problem Muslims here have is avoiding sheltering of violent Muslims – commendably a mosque expelled one of the recent individual attackers, I do not know if they reported him to police. Sadly, indeed alarmingly, some try to change our society to that of the terrorists by promoting aberrations like Sharia law. Remember that not enough Sikhs came forth with information police could use to apprehend and convict those behind the bomb that exploded in Japan before it was put on an Air India flight. (Years later after wreckage of the other Air India flight was retrieved, more were forthcoming but not enough information was available at that late time to get a conviction other than of the already known bomb maker.) So the challenge to Muslims here is the same as to Christians in the face of murder of doctors performing abortions – what are you doing to discourage those interpretations of your religion? (Yes, one murder was in B.C.)

Of course those groups are not the only ones who promote Totalitarian Islam – many neo-Marxist activists here do by blaming Israel for Iranian-funded missile attacks, some even go to the area to interfere with Israel’s defense. It appears that the combination of Marxism and Totalitarian Islam motivated the confused pair who worked to hurt people in Victoria on Canada Day. We’ve seen the mentality of Marxists in their invasion of a business by the Occupy mob in Vancouver, and the violence of anarcho-Marxists in Vancouver and Toronto (plus Victoria in vandalizing the mayors’ residence). And earlier terrorist groups such as the “Squamish Five” who bombed an electrical transformer facility on Vancouver Island, perhaps because they were too stupid to understand the electrical term “reactance” as fundamentally different from a nuclear reactor).

We must identify the enemy including the mentally ill individuals who latch onto a cause, as well as those who decide to kill people in revenge for some wrong such as being fired from work – increasingly common today. I believe they can be identified, that there are indications before the event - sometimes going back to childhood torturing of a cat. Victoria seems to be a hotbed of death images, I shun Halloween because it reinforces them.

Identification is tricky, many people can’t distinguish eccentricity from a criminal mentality, and some people make false reports to police to get back at someone who critiqued their dangerous behaviour. Many police aren’t smart enough to distinguish nor know the laws, and some permit initiation of force such as a “protest” that blocks people’s movement. I suggest education of police as the best approach, I expect that some police and security people have the knowledge to educate others. It won’t be easy to identify the real risks without further reducing our freedoms, though I note that the bureaucratic measures already implemented do that, improperly because they treat everyone as guilty until proven innocent.

PS: You make an incorrect parallel to blaming French-Canadians for the driver who ran down two soldiers in St. Jean sur Richelieu – by your own statement he was Muslim, that attack just occurred in a province with many French-Canadians, the other attack occurred in Ottawa which also has many (and has Hull just across the river). Your parallel would mean that all English-originned Canadians could be considered were responsible for the Squamish Five. A point to be made is that superficial characteristics like race and language do not make terrorists – thinking does. But police investigators will logically want to talk to people the perpetrator probably associated with, such as boozing buddies, relatives, and members of associations relevant to the subject (stamp collectors aren’t usually, for example).

I recommend the Institute for Justice for information on property rights.

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