Defending humans against accusation of ruining earth's climate

Climate Change Science Essay
(Comparison theory to reality.)

The heavy cost of a non-problem
(Downloadable slides.)

Facts for Constructive Tomorrow

Climate Audit web site
(Thorough investigation of
analyses, especially statistical.)

Sea level rise acceleration
(tide gauges show no change.)

Supposed newly uncovered island
- shown on old maps.

Kilimanjaro's cap defies predictions
Probably ocean currents upwind changed,
though a key scientist admitted his
past work was deficient.

Big problems from climate change
(Oh, that's the 1970s cooling scare.)

Investigation of surface temp records.
(With links to pages of specific data.)

New York City has been hit before
(Note climate was cooling in 1962
when that huge storm occurred.)

Tornados not getting worse in USA
(Don't blame humans for weather.)

Cooking the books on ocean acidity
Who can trust alarmists?
Peer review" is a fallacy
Irresponsible sloppiness
Alarmists don't learn

Greenhouse molecules and function

Static models dynamic in atmosphere
Major errors in tropical climate models

A Matter of Humidity and climate models
Radiative Signature Upper Troposphere

Expected result: always Earth Hour
Turning Out the Lights on Freedom

Try these instead:
Human Day


A characteristic of climate alarmists is belief in Karl Marx' economic
presumptions, based on a negative view of humans. (As uncreative and
untrustworthy - denying the mind's capability to understand reality and
make life-fostering decisions. That leads to assumptions of fixed-pie
economics and drive-to-the -bottom ethics, rather than the productivity
and cooperation obvious to anyone who observes and thinks.)

Hence well-known environmentalist David Suzuki supported the Occupy
mob in Vancouver BC to who he railed against businesses for ruining the
environment, lives in two houses, and referred to humans as maggots.

Collectivism always leads to oppression by an elite who arrogantly think
they have a right to run others' lives. It leads to starvation, because it
works against motivation to produce (actually works against co-operation),
and fosters a tribal view that others are inferior so can be exploited.

Their underlying view of humans
(The Ecologist magazine page 3.)

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