(Emphasizing the war against individual freedom
by certain Islamic totalitarian states and their proxies.

"To my Arab brothers: Israel won let's move forward"

September 11, 2001 Was Predictable
(my list of prior knowledge + comment)

Terrorism and Its Appeasement
(review & recommendation - large PDF)

A quote re American soldiers

Why is Condoleezza gutless?

Villainy: The Nature of Evil

The Suicide Bomb Morality

Liberties versus Terrorists?
(comments on individual freedom)

Rebuild the WTC, NYC style
and why it should be

State-Sponsored Terrorism

Canada At War Today

The US at War Now

Good People

Let's Roll

"Professing love and concern for the survival of mankind, they keep screaming that the
nuclear-weapons race should be stopped, that armed force should be abolished as a means
of settling disputes among nations, and that war should be outlawed in the name of humanity.
Yet these same peace movements do not oppose dictatorships; the political views of their
members range through all shades of the statist spectrum, from welfare statism to socialism to
fascism to communism. This means that they are opposed to the use of coercion by one nation
against another, but not by the government of a nation against its own citizens; it means that
they are opposed to the use of force against armed adversaries, but not against the disarmed."
- Ayn Rand, regarding the people here I call "neo-Marxist"

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