(Started from the pipeline right of way issue.)

A major problem with some pipeline companies is using government force against property owners. (In the US that is referred to as "eminent domain", the term "expropriation" and "confiscation" have also been used.)

I understand that is a major hurdle in Nebraska for the Keystone shortcut ("Keystone XL”), as a court showed some respect for property rights.

And properly so - use of "eminent domain" as it is known as in the US, is immoral. It is initiation of force, which prevents use of the uniquely human attribute – the mind, which is the source of the productivity that produces energy for human life.

It's collectivism, which is anti-business, so stupid for a business to use.

The unprecedented backlash in the US against the Kelo decision should be a wakeup call to wannabe property grabbers that people are against eminent domain and that companies should not plan on using it because laws will be changed to curb or eliminate the power (44 US states tightened their laws after Kelo). Indeed, a government that would facilitate use of eminent domain cannot be trusted to let a business operate - strong-arming will occur, even nationalization (look at the origin of BC Ferries).

I advocate extraction and transportation of petroleum resources, but will lobby against anyone who initiates force for any reason, no matter how much benefit to the collective they try to peddle.

I recommend the Institute for Justice for information on property rights.

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