Good news is that on occasion someone shows some sense. Examples:

People in El Paso TX claim that after a long bureaucratic debate about spraying for mosquitos there and in the poor city across the border in Mexico, which got nowhere, some experienced pilots with well-equipped spraying airplanes made a big mistake.
They took off to spray mosquito-breeding areas in Texas but blundered across the border and did what local Mexicans could not afford to do - sprayed the mosquito-breeding areas in Mexico.
How odd. ;-)
[Of course mosquitos don't know lines on maps. :-]

Every few years the Red River floods areas near and south of Winnipeg Manitoba Canada. Such is life there.
(The Red River runs from in the US northward to the big lake north of Winnipeg.)
Which presents an acute problem for a town near the border in Minnesota. It is necessary to close roads linking the town to services in Minnesota.
So for weeks the town depends on Canadian emergency and protective services.
Good neighbours!
(I suspect that by now they've put routine procedures in place, such as deputizing Canadian police.)

And a man from Washington state can be glad that a boater from Victoria did not hesitate to venture into US waters, albeit at US Coast Guard request, and was able to dock in Sekiu WA on the south side of the Strait of Juan de Fuca.
Jeff Lorton saw smoke from a burning boat. He called the US Coast Guard who dispatched a helicopter and asked Lorton to investigate, so he sped to the scene.
By then other boaters had an injured occupant out of the water, but they transferred him to Lorton's larger fast boat which then headed for Sekiu.
Along the way the helicopter arrived and dropped a medic. After assessment the helicopter dropped fire-fighting gear into Lorton's boat to make room for the victim, hoisted the victim up, and flew him to a hospital.
Lorton continued to Sekiu to unload the Coast Guard's equipment and refuel.
(And to potentially complicate matters, in Lorton's boat were four residents of Denmark, his sight-seeing customers who agreed to the diversion.)
Did the "Department of Bar Lev Line" bureaucrats foresee such things?
Presumably they had enough sense to stay clear of the honest action that day.
(Reference Victoria Times Colonist of May 8, 2007.)

Those examples also illustrate the range of innocent situations that occur in daily life - situations that bureaucracy works against.

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