Amid the bad news and hand-wringing of the media, and the many n'er do wells coming out of the school systems prevalent here, some young people are outstanding. Here I higlight individuals cases I've become aware of.

Good choice for musical performance

Restoring the musical theatre program at Lambrick Park high school in Saanich BC, students and teacher chose to perform "The Adams Family", because it is a comedy with a small cast. (Easier to do comedy, and that's all the people they had. With a performance very evening for four nights then a matinee the following day they'd also have experienced some of the rigor of the real performing world.)
(Several schools in the area have musical programs, some with theatre. Victoria High School has had a strong R&B band for years, including many performances outside with a view to preparing members for the real world out there.)
- source Saanich News of March 8, 2017

Mikaela MacMullin, in charge of cadet training at 18
The Lookout Newspaper of CFB Esquimalt reports that she is in charge of naval cadet training at CFB Comox this summer (201).
She's been in the cadets for several years.
Next step is nursing college then active duty in Canada's Navy.
(, July 18, 2016 edition, page 5.)

Fintan O'Brien, age 19, is working on a musical performing and songwriting career
He's getting some gigs - especially for charities, with help from his brother and father (also performers).

(, July 15, 2016 edition, page A7.)

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