Municipal control freaks

Surveying error had not hurt anyone in 75 years
While a family in Vancouver BC was renovating their house, surveyors discovered that the survey of a row of houses was wrong.
In 75 years no one had noticed, apparently at the end of the row there was adequate space.

But instead of accepting the error and annotating records, the city forced the family to move the house. That cost them more months of temporary accommodation, and warped house spacing.
What kind of mentality would do that?

Alterations to accommodate disabled child
A houseowner in Vancouver BC managed to stall the city for 36 years.
(City bureaucrats wanted her to make costly repairs.)

Finally a BC Ombudsperson checked into the city's complaint and opined the city was wrong.
So bureaucrats and the houseowner reached a compromise.

(The houseowner helped her case by keeping detailed records.)
[Source: the Times Colonist newspaper of June 26, 2015.)

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