Keith's critique of Saanich's
climate alarmist activity.

Sent to Saanich council on March 19, 2017:

Comment on climate alarmism

I have great news for Council regarding 'climate change'.

Even the UN’s IPCC organization agrees in scientific documents that CO2 can have only limited effect on climate temperature, due to the saturation effect from overlap of the absorption-emission spectra of carbon dioxide and dihydrogen monoxide vapour (the most common ‘greenhouse gas’). Most of that few degrees has already been realized, without significant change in the warming trend prevailing since 1750. The existence of the Medieval Warm Period when Vikings farmed southwest Greenland puts the lie to the alarmist claim that runaway warming will result from that small effect of CO2. (Note that the two degree threshold claimed by alarmists has been shown as arbitrary, pulled out of the air without evidence.)

Why do alarmists ignore the science? One answer came from a UN official who publicly revealed its agenda of income redistribution, which is based on the fixed pie economics of the most murderous ideology of the 20th century. That comes from denial of what is evident all around us – the capability of the human mind for living. (Mr. Wergeland can give you examples of what good individuals are doing in Haiti despite the corruption and superstition rampant there, and the example of the stark environmental contrast on the border with the Dominican Republic.) The alarmist view of humans is illustrated by the editorial of the inaugural issue of The Ecologist magazine, which refers to humans as “parasites”.

So you can join the majority of voters who enjoy without guilt the life extension of secure heated shelter, modern medicine, abundant food, and transportation detailed by Alex Epstein in his book ‘I Love Fossil Fuels”. Having grown up without electricity, piped water, and convenient waste disposal I challenge you to be positive about human life.

You should use your minds to prepare for variation. For example, the coldest winter in the warm 1930s occurred in the same year as the hottest summer. And in 1996 this area had a big dump of snow that stayed for two weeks at the peak of the recent warming trend. Alarmists tend to overlook that large variations from routine weather are infrequent – the 1996 dump was worse than anything since 1916, when people were burning fences and trees to stay warm because deliveries of coal were delayed. (Let’s be glad for fuel oil, propane, and natural gas.)

I urge you to reject alarmists, and save money by eliminating the Chicken Little activity from Saanich government.

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